Peter's Life

Obviously (or perhaps not) I'm not going to tell the whole internet all about my personal life but I'll tell you a bit about the public aspects of my non-professional life and use this as an excuse to play with FOAF and XFN. It's been a long time since my last update and as of 2010 I'm finishing up my postdoc in the University of Notre Dame du Lac mathematics department I've already mentioned going to grad school at UC Berkeley and college at caltech (some of the most fun I've ever had) but I'll add that I attended high school at Glenbrook South. When I left high school I was actually totally convinced I was going to do physics but the nasty brute computations and the feeling I was spending more time approximating things than figuring out what was going on pushed me over to mathematics by my sophomore year in college. Of course if it hadn't been for a frustrating experience in math class I might never have even taken abstract math courses in college but you can find more about that on my teaching philosophy page. Right now I'm looking for a job that will let me keep doing research in Computability Theory and leave somewhere in rough vicinity of my wife. Or failing that at least somewhere where I know people. Having family in Chicago made a big difference to me over these last three years and unlike others I need people around me to get my work done.

Sharon Berry

My wife Sharon Berry is obviously an important part of my life. Sharon's a graduate student studying analytic philosophy (primarily philosophy of math) at Harvard but she plans to make this her last year. If you want to see some of the things she's interested in you can visit her philosophy blog.


I've recently (spring 2010) adopted a puppy (she'll be a year old on New Years 2011). Vera is half border collie and half labrador and all energy.

Online Presence

My blog Infinite Injury (another computability reference) also takes up more of my time than it really should. In addition lately I've been procrastinating on my work by reading up on virtual machines as well as programming language theory. Not to mention the time I just wasted embedding semantic content in this webpage.